Piano Studio of Sandy Triplett    Germantown TN

Piano lessons can be fun, challenging, invigorating, and demanding. During each stage of life, piano can offer different perks but require different demands. However, the rewards far outweigh the effort exerted.

Despite the different beats and lyrics you hear as you flip through the radio station, music is a common bond that brings people together. No matter what you prefer, everyone is moved by music. Whether the inspiration is hearing your favorite Christmas carol, singing along with the hymns at church, or lip-syncing to the newest radio hit, most people have a desire to join in and create music.

Adults Students giving their time and talent for the community.
The first Friday of each month, the adult students will be playing in the lobby of the Germantown Methodist Hospital.  An ongoing program to bring some piano music that will hopefully bring a smile and maybe even a whistle to the patients and visitors.

Pay It Forward Recital    Germantown Methodist Hospital   Dec. 2105
Music From The Nutcracker  Germantown Methodist  12/13


Some things never go out of style.  A Steinway Grand is, and always will be, the best piano around.  Providing a premium instrument, the desire to stay current on learning trends and materials are goals  for my studio.


Yes, we all have so many places we need to go, things we need to do and sights we need to see.  But once a week in a piano lesson you do SO many things....learn to problem solve, tweak your listening skills, learn a new vocabulary and build your your self confidence.  Now that is a great value!