“In Soli Deo Gloria ~ To God Alone Be The Glory” J S Bach

"I have had the desire to play the piano most of my life. But as the years went on and my career took up most of my time , my dream faded in the background. Then I heard of a "Adult Group Class" at a local music that guaranteed within 6 months you would be able to play the piano. Well with a guarantee like that what re to lose. Sandy was the instructor: vibrant and so,motivating. After about  a year I switched to private lessons in her studio. It was best for me because I needed the individual guidance and coaching. While it has been a challenge , it has added so much Joy to my Life and definitely was one of my best decisions in my Life. "   Cathy


You r an incredible person & a great teacher. I thank you for Remembering! Can't wait to try when I get home!  Maddie


I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoyed this weeks class!  your instruction on the moonlight sonata has really moved my practicing forward!   David