Piano Studio of Sandy Triplett
 A Classic with a Dash of the Unexpected
7275 Eastern Ave. Germantown TN 38138   H. 754-1083 C. 674-0133
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Welcome to my multimedia studio where your child will learn to play the piano in a stress-free environment with an emphasis on experiencing the joy of making music. 
Thank you for choosing me as your piano teacher! In order to ensure that you or your child get
the most effective and creative teaching possible, I have established the following policies.
There are two tracks available. Hybrid Private Lessons and Weekly Group Lessons. 
HYBRID PRIVATE LESSONS   Private Lessons Plus A Monthly Group/Ensemble Lesson   Private lessons are scheduled for 30, 45 and 60 minute time blocks and occur once a week with the exception of group lesson week.
K-3rd grade will be using the iPad/computer in their lesson time with my assistance.  I request a parent or older sibling to attend lessons and take notes with students K-2nd grade.  Younger students need extra guidance in understanding and retaining what is required before the next lesson.  Parents/ older sibling become “home teachers” and take notes at lesson time to use to help with home practice.  Parents are the key to younger students’ success in their piano studies.
Students 4th grade and up are offered an optional Tech Time of 15 minutes before or after their regular scheduled lesson time with no increase in tuition.  While technology could never replace the teacher, it does provide many teaching and learning tools to enhance the learning process.  I want my student to have opportunities to do many things with music, and this extra time provides that avenue.  The Tech Time   provides a way for students to review concepts learned in lessons and provides a tool for creative possibilities.
            Monthly Group lesson (K - 6th grade) are once a month.   The week of group lessons, there are no private lessons. The monthly group lesson encompasses many activities to reinforce core instructions such as: rhythmic movement, composer autobiographies, performance time, and positive interaction with other students. We use this time to prepare for programs and recitals.  Students are grouped by musicianship and age. 
            Ensemble Lesson (7-12 grade) are once a month.   Great opportunity for students to learn new skills such as performance in a group.  Following to a conductor, learning a parts to a musical score.
Group and Ensemble Lessons are one of the highlights of the studio experience.....we play games, laugh a lot, learn about different aspects of music in ways that aren't possible in a private lesson.
• During student/group gatherings and performances the teacher reserves the right to use video recording equipment or to take photographs of students for use in the studio scrapbook, advertising materials, lesson demonstration, and for the studio-owned websites. Photos taken by the teacher OR that are shared with the teacher by others in attendance at gatherings or performances become the property of the studio and can be used at the discretion of the teacher in regards to the studio. The studio will follow online safety rules in this matter.
Weekly group lessons are a sequential program where students learn piano in a group environment, learning with peers, developing ensemble skills, and learning music through a variety of activities (such as moving to music to feel rhythm, singing, drumming, reading music notation, and writing music notation, and improvisation). The class meets as a solo group except the last Monday of the month.  On the last Monday, all of the students of the studio meet together to prepare for programs and recitals, have a more detailed study of theory concepts, explore composers as well as activities that reinforce core learning.
Encourage progress! Many small steps throughout the year yield great results! Parents are welcome and encouraged to attend lessons at any time. Please check your child's notebook weekly for pertinent information. Parental support is a must for a child's musical growth. To help your child develop self-discipline and good practice habits, set aside a regular time for practice each day (this can be done all at once or divided into two or more daily practice sessions). Younger children especially need help with their practicing. The parent is to provide a piano in the best possible condition (most keyboards and organs are not appropriate), a metronome, and a place allowing quiet and uninterrupted practice. Provide a practice environment that is free from interruptions (family, friends, TV, computer or phone). Be financially responsible and pay tuition on time. Late payments result in late fees. For questions regarding tuition and your account, email sptriplett@comcast.net.   Also, communicate with me any questions or concerns you may have about your child’s progress. Be helpful, interested and supportive!
PERFORMANCE OPPORTUNITIES    Recitals, festivals, and auditions are scheduled several times throughout the year. It is recommended that students take advantage of performing opportunities as soon, and as often, as both the teacher and parent feel the student is prepared.  For more information about festivals and auditions please contact me and I will provide a list of opportunities and cost.
The studio presents two recitals a year. Much thought and time is spent in an effort to prepare a recital program that is encouraging for the student and interesting for the audience.
Fall Recital is a PAY IT FORWARD program.  As a parent you have given the gift of music to your child.  I want to encourage my students to share their gifts by playing in a program that gives back to the community.  A program is prepared that will be of  entertainment value for others.  The venue is chosen where the group can bring a smile to the audience. 
Spring Recital is a program that lets the kids shine a pianist.  The spotlight is on each student as they present pieces they have chosen and prepared.  This program is designed to be enjoyable for parents, family and friends.
PIANO  All students should have access to a well-maintained instrument.  I recommend tuning your piano once a year.  Mr. Tony Thomas is an excellent technician. His office number is 276-2609.
PRACTICING  The best pianist develop out of regular practice. A regular routine with parental encouragement will greatly aid the student's progress. For the best results, parents will want to take an active interest in their child(ren)'s piano study.
Please follow the practice suggestions below:
30 minute lessons.............10 - 20 minutes daily
45 minute lessons.............25 - 35 minutes daily
60 minute lessons.............40 - 60 minutes daily 
*Times listed above are minimal for success, and may vary from student to student. 
STUDENT NOTEBOOK   A personalized notebook will be given to each student and will need to be brought to every lesson. It is used to keep weekly assignments, incentive program information, music, and practice guidelines.
Because life happens and sickness is not something we want to share, in each semester there is one flex day for student and teacher.  This day can be used for conflict of schedule, sick day or inclement weather.  If the Flex Days are not used, enjoy your bonus lesson(s)!
Due to busy and demanding schedules of students and teacher, make-up lessons are not available. Because specific times are set aside for specific students, a student who does not attend a lesson will simply miss the benefit of that lesson.  Please do not worry that missing a lesson means you have 'lost money'.  I frequently use missed lessons to plan for your child’s progress, locate materials, etc. 
Missed Lesson Options:
Record your child playing the assignment for the week, send it to me before your lesson time.  I will use your lesson time to listen to the recording and will send an email with suggestions on how to prepare for the following weeks lesson.
Video Practice Email  Email me with a copy of your child's music 6 hours before your scheduled time.  I will record a video lessons as if your child was with me, walking through practice steps and instructions.    I will then publish it on YOUTUBE and send you a private link.
Lesson Swaps:  This is a voluntary list for students to trade lessons times as needed. There is Swap List on the web site under the file tab.  The list includes first name of student, contact information and time of students’ lesson. Please inform me after arranging a swap.   If you would like to be included on this list please let me know.
Call   (754-1083) We can talk about your child's progress and any questions you might have during the time that is reserved for your lesson.
Request that I send you an email with a supplement to your child’s regular lesson material.  This may be in many different formats i.e. theory information to peruse, a new piece of music, or a YouTube video that pertains to their current or future repertoire.
Skype   If you have a computer with a camera close to your piano or a laptop that you can move close to the piano we can Skype a lesson. Visit http://www.skype.com/ to create your free account. My Skype user name is sandy.triplett1 (necessary to add me to your contacts). 
Face Time If you have an iPad add my phone (901-754-1083) to your Face time and we can have our lesson via the internet.
If, for any reason, I am not able to attend a lesson, and the flex day has been used, the lesson will be rescheduled or prorated at your convenience. 
INCLEMENT WEATHER No need to miss a lesson due to inclement weather, this is the perfect time to utilize any of the different options listed above.  Call me (754-1083) so we can make arrangements for your option of your choice.   
SUMMER LESSONS   If you choose to not participate in summer lessons, there is a non-refundable retaining fee to hold your lesson time for the fall semester of $100.00
WEB SITE   A superb benefit of my studio is access to my web site. On the site, http://sptmusicteachershelper.com, you can access the policy information, studio calendar, your financial account, downloadable music, and resource guides for music games. You will receive a reminder each week about your lessons. A tuition statement will be emailed from this site.  Your login and password are the same as the first part of your email address. 
WITHDRAWAL FROM THE PROGRAM   If you and your child decided to quit taking lessons, please make this decision thoughtfully with plenty of discussion between the teacher, parent, and student so that lessons can cease with a positive sense of closure. For this reason,
the studio requires a thirty-day written and paid notice before the semester ends. The student must finish the remainder of the semester paid in full or forego any unused lessons, as there is no refund given.
Parking     Please park to the right of the garage or on the street.
Parents are encouraged to observe lessons at any time.
If there are any questions, please call (754-1083) text (674-0133) email (sptriplett@comcast.net) me.  If you need a timely answer, a phone call is the best way to reach me.